Rachel is a Photographer and Arts Educator based in Newark, NJ and New York City. She is the adoring mom of Baxter, the cat who used to live at 5Pointz.

A contributor to websites including UntappedCities.com and StreetArtNYC.org, Rachel documents arts and culture as well as other aspects of urban life. Rachel shot an extensive collection of images documenting 5Pointz art center in Queens, and continues to shoot the 5Pointz Creates artist collective as they pursue new projects. Recently she has been shooting street art, graffiti, urban landscapes and life in Newark, NJ.  

Rachel is on the teaching faculty at Abrons Art Center on the Lower East Side and Paul Robeson Galleries of Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. She holds a BA in Art Education with dual major in Graphic Design, and a MA in Art Therapy, both from the School of Visual Arts. 

C. V.

School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

  • MPS Art Therapy (2007)
  • BFA Art Education, dual major Graphic Design (1999) 

Contributing Photographer, Printed Books

  • Scott, Kay. 5Pointz: A Community of Artists. Heinemann, expected publication winter 2017 
  • Cropsey, Melinda. A Quiet Happy Place - A Children’s Introduction to the Labyrinth. Self published, 2017

Contributing Photographer, Online 

  • Susan XU, "Abandoned Ironbound Football Stadium Gets New Life." Untapped Cities, 8/15/17
  • Street Art NYC, “At the Ironbound Boxing Academy in Newark, NJ: Where Boxing, Graffiti, and Education Merge.” Street Art NYC, 2/13/17
  • Street Art NYC, “All City Express Premiers at Randall's Island with Meres, Lady Pink, Toofly, See TF, Python, Jerms, Topaz and T-Kid.” Street Art NYC, 7/30/16
  • Christopher Inoa, “The Spirit of 5Pointz Lives on at Brooklyn Reclaimed in Bushwick in New Street Art Curation.” Untapped Cities, 6/30/15
  • Michele Young, “Make Your Own NYC Water Towers With Fun Kits by Boundless Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Museum." Untapped Cities, 10/6/14
  • Google Cultural Institute. “5 Pointz NYC”. Online exhibit, curated by Lois Stavsky, 6/2014

Author: Published Articles, Interviews, and Photo Essays

  • "7 Features of NYC's Central Park that Weren't in the Original Plan." Untapped Cities 12/21/2017
  • “Photo Essay: What's Left of 5Pointz on the 1st Memorial of the Whitewash.” Untapped Cities, 11/21/14
  • “5Pointz Artists Honor 9/11 With a Mural in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.” Untapped Cities, 9/12/2014
  • “Behind the Scenes With Shepard Fairey as he Paints New Street Art Mural On Bowery for the LISA Project.” Untapped Cities 8/25/14
  • “Mosaic Man Jim Power Proclaims “Mosaic Massacre 2014”, Removes Tiles From Astor Place Lamp Posts.” Untapped Cities, 8/15/14
  • “The LISA Project NYC Brings Street Art to Manhattan’s Little Italy." Untapped Cities, 7/25/14
  • “On the Front Lines: Graffiti’s Documenters Share Stories, Photos at MCNY." Untapped Cities, 6/25/14
  • “Exit Room’s Juicy Art Festival Brings New Street Art, Live Painting, Music, and More to Bushwick.” Untapped Cities, 6/5/14
  • "New Street Art at The Bushwick Collective’s Gallery Exhibition and Block Party". Untapped Cities, 5/30/14
  • "Meres and Zimad in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn". Street Art NYC, 5/13/14
  • "Street Artist Gilf Responds to the Abrupt Closing of Pearl Paint in Chinatown, NYC". Untapped Cities, 4/28/2014
  • "Swoon: Submerged Motherlands at Brooklyn Museum’s Cantor Gallery". Street Art NYC, 4/26/14
  • "Moving Murals: Henry Chalfant & Martha Cooper’s All-City Graffiti Archive on Exhibit at City Lore". Untapped Cities, 4/17/2014
  • "5Pointz Artists Collaborate in WHITEWASH Exhibit at Jeffrey Leder Gallery". Untapped Cities, 4/7/14
  • "Exit Room NY, a Gallery and Cultural Space Housed in a Former Brewery in Bushwick, Brooklyn". Untapped Cities, 2/20/14
  • "Preview of MCNY's City as Canvas Graffiti Exhibit". Untapped Cities, 02/03/14
  • "MCNY Curator Sean Corcoran on City As Canvas Graffiti Exhibit". Untapped Cities, 01/21/14
  • "Top 10 Secrets of Central Park". Untapped Cities, 11/26/13
  • "Tribute to 5Pointz Graffiti Haven in Long Island City, With Photos from the Rally". Untapped Cities, 11/20/13
  • "Inside 4 World Trade Center, With Views from the 72nd Floor". Untapped Cities, 11/11/13
  • "5Pointz Is Slated for Demolition But Won’t Go Down Without a Fight: Hearing is Today". Untapped Cities, 10/17/13
  • "A Photo Essay Marking the Impending Loss of 5Pointz, NYC's Graffiti Haven in Queens". Untapped Cities, 8/30/13
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  • "Untapped Secrets of Central Park: What Wasn't in the Plan". Untapped Cities, 5/21/13
  • "Untapped Secrets of Central Park: Waterfalls, Caves and Prehistoric Rocks". Untapped Cities, 5/20/13
  • "A Visual Tour Of 5 Pointz Aerosol Art Center". Untapped Cities, 3/13/13
  • "Ethereal Photographs of Central Park Before Sunrise". Untapped Cities, 2/15/13

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2017 Urban Art Collection: Photography Documenting NYC Hip Hop Culture. Presented by Queens Hip Hop Festival for LIC Arts Open. Long Island City, Queens, NY.
  • 2014 Fridge Art Fair. Long Island City, NY. 
  • 2014 Pho-To-Graffs: Images of Hip Hop, Graffiti and Urban Culture. Gold Coast Arts Center, Great Neck, Long Island, NY. (Juried)
  • 2013 Drawn to Water: NYC H2O. East River Ferry gallery at Photoville. Brooklyn,NY
  • 2012 Finalist. My Empire State Building Photo Contest. Empire State Building 5th Avenue Gallery,NY
  • 2007 SVA Art Therapy MPS Department Exhibit. Visual Arts Gallery, NY
  • 2006 Doors, Mirrors, Windows. Visual Arts Gallery, NY (Juried)
  • 2006 SVA Art Therapy MPS Department Exhibit. Visual Arts Gallery, NY


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